About us - F.Wood & Son
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About us

Our Story

A local family business gone national with their passion for plumbing

Paul Wood’s entry into the family trade was spurred on by his father Fred, a plumber of many years’ experience, who encouraged Paul to complete his apprenticeship in 1980.

Not long after Paul earned his qualification, Fred left his job to start a partnership with Paul and F. Wood & Son Pty Ltd was born.

Working together as a two-man team, they slowly built the business up from a small operation servicing Heidelberg to a larger operation with a fleet of vehicles, doing jobs across Melbourne and interstate.

After Fred’s retirement in 1994, Paul took over running the business, focussing on growing the industrial and commercial markets and delving into events and exhibitions.

In his many years working under his father, Paul gained the ability to understand client needs and to ensure on-time delivery at the highest of standards, something he carries with him on each new job.

From humble beginnings, this family business has grown into one of the most steadfast and reliable plumbing services available in Melbourne.

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